How to Write a Classification and Division Essay

A classification and division essay is a special type of assignment where you break a concept into smaller parts and give insights into the parts. It involves organizing abundant and complex information in a bid to offer better understanding.

Writing this type of essay usually involves a lot of thinking. You should put a lot of thoughts to get the best essay even without knowing it. Asides from putting things into groups and classes, these essays also require you to add analytical insights about individual groups.

You could be asked to classify personality types. At the end of such classification analysis, you should be able to tell which type is best for employment, or good for the military, and so on.

In this article, you will learn how to write a classification essay. We also have a list of some great topics that you use in writing your classification and division essay.

Steps to Write a Classification and Division Essay

Before you start writing your classification and division essay, you have to first plan. Those who are know how to write a good division and classification essay will agree that planning is the first step. This planning usually involves two steps.

Decide on what you want to classify

You need to find a topic that suits you. Just like with any other essay type, you need to find the exact topic that you feel comfortable with.

Create an outline for your essay

After you have found the topic of your choice, creating an outline is the next step. This step is important because it helps you put your thoughts together so your work is organized and straight to the point.

How to write an introduction in a division and classification essay

Ideally, your classification and division essay outline should have these sections:

  • The introduction and thesis statement: Usually, this is the first paragraph of your classification essay. You will reveal the topic of your essay and how you intend to go about your classification. Ideally, your thesis statement should come at the end of the introduction.
  • The body of the essay: In this part, you will discuss the essay in detail. Ensure that you start each paragraph with a topic sentence and make sure that you arrange the paragraphs such that your essay has a logical sequence.
  • Conclusion: It is in this part that you tie it all together and end the essay. Your conclusion must also justify the classification that you started with.

Classification and Division Essay Ideas

The following are some topics that you can use for your next essay.

  1. Types of Olympic games
  2. Categories of youth protests
  3. Outdated parts in the US constitution
  4. Types of modern outdoor sports and their players
  5. Categories of memes
  6. Types of Social media and their impacts on people
  7. Parenting styles and their impacts
  8. Types of gardening styles in the US
  9. Gamers in the US
  10. Drinks available at the bar
  11. Teasing as a category of bullying
  12. Types of headphones
  13. Why single people refuse to get married
  14. What are the best vacation types?
  15. Political parties in the US
  16. Types of students during class discussions
  17. Evolution theories
  18. Political regimes in the US
  19. Categories of Facebook users
  20. Types of high schools in the US

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