Breaking down your essays and articles into outlines is the most basic step of essay writing. It is important you properly identify classification topics which properly explain your ideas, build a proper storyline or give you a good prewriting exercise.

Classification division essay topics are highlighted/listed based on many reasons. This can include varieties, types, and color. This method of writing essays can help any writer to easily bypass writer’s block and also help them properly present their ideas.

Choosing the Classification and Division essay topics

When you want to choose topics for classification division essays, most times, you need to take a deep breath. Do not be in a hurry. It is okay if you write the body of the essay before you choose a topic. Sometimes, you need to choose the topic before writing. Whatever fits, make sure the topic is a good one. Interesting classification and division topics are featured in subsequent subtopics.

The following are hints to help you choose nice classification division topics:

  • Highlight the topic’s categories: Your categories can help you choose wonderful topics.
  • Do some research on the topics

Division essay writing

  • Division essays are more like an informative essay. Although most people assume that examples of classification and division essays are alike, there are some distinct differences. These differences should not be confused with classification essays.
  • Division essays usually divide a seemingly alike group of ideas/objects/entity into smaller groups while Classification essay topics mostly identify similarities between a seemingly different entity and then adding them up into a group.
  • Division essays have a way of explaining or clarifying the minute ambiguity that lies in any topic.

Examples of division essay topics include:

  1. Styles of parenting that are considered modern
  2. Basic teaching methods
  3. Different types of social media posts
  4. Various classes of online memes
  5. Lists of Healthy dinner foods
  6. Meditation techniques that work
  7. Types of PUBG gamers you’ll meet
  8. Unexplored places of the world
  9. West African countries and the International Organizations they belong to
  10. Extracurricular activities most college students love
  11. Types of homemade garden you can easily make
  12. Teenage spending habits
  13. Lists of Jobs that can cannot be done remotely
  14. The different factions of the American democratic party
  15. Different Forms of Voting Systems
  16. Internet behaviors of different social groups
  17. E-learning that instructors consider the best
  18. Classes of internet businesses
  19. Ways you can quit smoking
  20. Student personalities and their optimum study habits
  21. Strategies that can help you cope with stress
  22. Influence of game addiction on your health
  23. Gaming habits of boys and girls
  24. Online games vs offline games: which is the best
  25. Various types of restaurant decorations
  26. What Type of Killer Whales Are Out There?
  27. Islands Around the World that is wonderful for vacation

Classification essay writing

They are often called persuasive essays. Writers need to convince their readers of the relationship an entity has with a group. Most educators believe that classification essay topics are open to argument. Oftentimes, classification topics have always been an argument about an entity that is incorrectly classified.

Examples of classification essay topics:

  1. Modern outdoor sports
  2. Elements of the Nigerian constitution experts considered outdated
  3. Are youth protests always violent?
  4. Should Bowling categorized as an Olympic sport
  5. Controversial rules of trick and treats
  6. Japanese Manga vs comic books vs. graphic novels
  7. Should Caffeinated drinks be categorized as energy drinks
  8. Are Homophobes born that way?
  9. Movies with massive CGI graphics should be classified as animated movies
  10. Is the Kardashians reality tv show scripted?
  11. Referee vs. umpire vs. official: who really enforces the rules
  12. Holistic medicine covered by health insurance
  13. Should Teasing categorized as bullying
  14. Snacks you call “chips” that aren’t chips
  15. Religions that may be considered extreme
  16. Should bar or restaurant tips be normal? What conditions determine tip giving
  17. Marijuana: safe or dangerous?
  18. Intense bodybuilding or light workout
  19. Spirits vs Beers: which is better?
  20. The ideal first date
  21. Political Activists: Are They Doing Any Good?
  22. Types of Lectures That You’re Likely to Meet on Campus
  23. Gender roles: How the Roles of Men and Women Have Changed