Classification and Division Essay Samples

Classification and division essays classify objects according to the same principles. We have provided you with classification essay examples free for your use. When classifying objects, you can adopt any order of your choice. However, make sure that everyone concerned understands it.

Your classification and division essay can dwell on different topics. You can categorize any object, concept, idea, people, or anything into groups based on their characteristics and specifics.

Here are examples of areas you can write classification and division essays. The essays you write can be descriptive, persuasive, and otherwise.

Classification and Division Essays on People and Activities

Classification and division essays can dwell on different people and activities. You can classify people and activities with distinctive features. Here are some classification essay samples on people and activities you can explore.

  1. Classification of social media users
  2. Types of Facebook users: weekenders, always online, and seldom online
  3. iPhone users versus Android users
  4. The types of friends we have
  5. The types of single men who go to the gym
  6. Why women decide to be single parents
  7. People’s experience on their first dates
  8. Students’ preparation methods for exams
  9. What are the different types of lecturers?
  10. What are the categories of universities in a specific country?
  11. Types of roommates that we have
  12. What are the categories of classmates’ people have?
  13. What are the types of extracurricular activities people engage in?
  14. What are the categories of people who board public buses?
  15. What are the different groups of people who watch sports?
  16. What are the different reasons people go to college?
  17. What are the different groups of tourists?
  18. What are the categories of people who surf the net?
  19. Why do people go into business?
  20. Different groups of university freshers
  21. What are the ways people handle pets?
  22. What are students’ best moments in college?
  23. What are the different study habits of students?
  24. What are the different ways that people respond to jokes?

Classification and Division Essays on Yourself

Classification and division essays are not restricted in any way. There are diverse ways you can apply your knowledge of these mathematical operations. You can write essays on yourself. This might be new to you but there is no limit to your creativity. Here are examples of classification essays you can explore.

  1. Things that give me inspiration
  2. Who are the people I have in my life right now?
  3. What are the categories of music I like?
  4. What are my priorities in life?
  5. Who do I look to in my family?
  6. What are my hobbies?
  7. Who are the movie stars I admire?
  8. What are my leisure activities?
  9. What is the best restaurant I have been to?
  10. What literary genres do I like?
  11. Your wardrobe

Classification and Division Essays on Other Topics

When it comes to classification and division essays, there are no limits to your exploration. Your essay can be based on things, ideas, practices, how people do things, and so on. You can get an unlimited idea from these topic samples for your classification and division essays.

  1. Popular places to visit
  2. What are the categories of workouts people do to keep fit?
  3. What are the popular restaurants in your area?
  4. What are the different political parties?
  5. macOS versus Windows
  6. What are the different strategies for losing weight
  7. What are the business ideas I can try?
  8. What are the categories of people who use the ATM?
  9. What are the different cultural perspectives on dressing?
  10. Reading e-copies versus hardcopies
  11. Different artists and their influence on social development
  12. Behavioral patterns among animals
  13. What are the categories of pets?
  14. What are the different types of movie endings?
  15. What are the different ways of conflict resolution?


Classification and division essays samples cut across numerous areas including people, video games, the internet, and even yourself. You can classify anything with some principles and clear workings. These topics are meant to guide you in your writing.

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